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Mai Quynh is a leading celebrity makeup artist. In 2011 I created her first website. In 2014 she approached me with a request to give it a facelift and configure it to display on devices of all sizes. The result is a media rich site filled with beautiful full screen images, videos and a responsive design.

website pages


  • Wordpress CMS
    Built using WordPress, the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world.
  • Search Engine Friendly
    Friendly URL's, Crawlable Link Structure
  • Social Media
    Integrated Instagram feed and social media links.
website features
  • Fully Responsive
    The site scales to devices of any size with changing UI elements.
  • Touch Optimized
    Special touch target sizes and placement of controls. Can be comfortably used with imprecise fingers.
  • Retina Display
    Looks sharp on devices with a high resolution.


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